International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a widely recognised day celebrated on the 8th March every year around the world and is a focal point in the movement of women’s rights. As Bethany College is an all girls school, we celebrated the day on the 11th March by inviting ex-student Sarah Aley who is a well-known Australian cricketer, as a guest speaker to talk to students who wished to attend.

Sarah Aley spoke about her career to the girls and talked about the evolution of women’s cricket in Australia. From a young age, Sarah played cricket in a local team and at that time, only men played professional cricket hence, she didn’t have the option to play professionally when she was older. Now, there are women’s cricket teams for competitions such as Big Bash League, T20 competitions and more. These games are televised. Sarah plays for the Sydney Sixers, New South Wales Breakers and has even represented the country. She has been very committed to cricket and has been able to reach her goals. Although, there is still gender inequality in the cricket world to a degree, it has improved so much over the years and now all girls have the option to play cricket professionally if they wish to when they are older.

Sarah Aley is a very inspirational person who has worked hard to achieve what she has in her cricket career and she is a role model to many young girls who aspire to play a sport like cricket professionally, as adults. Bethany College would like to thank her for giving us some of her time to come and speak to the girls who attended. The school is very proud to call her an alumni of Bethany College and wish her good luck for her sporting career future.



Penny Kalantzis

Year 8