Language Report

L’italiano è divertente

By Penny Kalantzis Year 8


Bethany College provides wonderful opportunities to learn different languages. 

In Year 8, it is mandatory to learn Italian which is a very fun subject. Recently, in Italian there have been some special events.  In Italian, students in Year 8 class T, were learning about ‘Harry Potter’ and the fabulous Mrs Colreavy made the lesson extremely fun by having a ‘Harry Potter Day’ in which students were allowed to dress up in Harry Potter merchandise, were given lolly bags and got to learn all about ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, Italian-style. The day was a huge success and was very enjoyable.

Additionally, there was an inaugural competition that the Newman Italian Year 8 class was involved in called the ‘Immerse Me Games’. It was a wonderful competition that featured a series of tasks which involved virtual reality, the tasks were all worth different points. There were many languages that you could choose from such as Italian, Greek, German, French, Chinese, Spanish and more. There was a point system in which students could receive bronze, silver, gold or the prestigious Laureate Award. Two students from our school were recipients of the Laureate Award – Sophie Aloi and Penny Kalantzis – and were awarded certificates and gift vouchers. There were also mini competitions and prize draws that were part of the competition and one student – Sienna Ajjaka – received a voucher for one of these.


Overall, our school did very well, as we beat our rivals St Patrick’s College, Strathfield.

We also achieved 2nd place in the entire world in Italian for the category of schools with 1-50 students competing! The final tally showed that Bethany College came 12th in the world with 139 schools participating in the competition. There were 47 594 students involved.

In the competition, Sophie Aloi was placed 12th in the world and Penny Kalantzis was ranked 36th in the world. There was a wonderful effort from all students involved and our school is tremendously proud of these amazing achievements in this global competition!








Below are some comments made by students from Bethany College who were involved in the competition:

“I thought it was a really fun and competitive way to improve my Italian and German knowledge. It’s quite a nice and innovative idea to teach languages using virtual reality, especially with the advanced world we now live in. Immerse Me is definitely something I would participate in next year!”

 – Sophie A

“Last week, 8 Italian T participated in the Immerse Me Games. It was a great opportunity to test our skills and compete against other students around the world. It was lots of fun and there were also lots of prizes to be won.”

Sienna A

“It was interesting and helped me understand Italian better.”

 – Bianca A