Leadership Assembly

On Thursday 17 November, the Lilies were officially inducted as the leaders of Bethany college for 2016/2017. To open the ceremony, students, teachers and parents were introduced to the 2017 School, Vice and Sports Captains. These students went on to recognise their fellow peers who were elected to the Student Representative Council, Subject Prefects and Transport Monitors, demonstrating the unison and togetherness of the grade.

The leadership team were presented with their badges, officially recognising their positions of leadership in front of the college community. To conclude the ceremony, the entire year group were presented with their XII badges, signifying the important leadership role of the year 12 cohort as a whole.

The ceremony for was an extremely special time for the Year 12 students and their parents as it was a great opportunity for all of the Year 12 students to accept and recognise their new roles as college leaders. It allowed for the year group to identify that every girl has an important role in the school community. We would like to thank all of teachers involved in the planning of this assembly, as well as the parents for their support.



Year 12 Leadership Team