Letter Writing and Origami Initiative

There is no doubt COVID-19 has impacted greatly on all our lives, hindering the ability to be physically united and connected with our family and friends. As a result, loneliness has become increasingly prevalent, especially in the elderly in aged care facilities, as restrictions on the limit of visitors to each resident compounds the feeling of isolation and feeling alone. Year 11 Bethany students took this pandemic experience as an opportunity to reach out to older and vulnerable Australians, and support and make a positive difference to those isolated within our community. On Thursday 18 June, we spent lunchtime writing letters to aged care residents, to form a connection with the elderly as life under a pandemic has become one topic familiar to both younger and older generations. To let them know that the younger generation has not forgotten about them, and we appreciate how the experience is more difficult for them. We accompanied these letters with handmade origami figures, in an attempt to alleviate this state of loneliness, and bring a smile and sense of happiness during these challenging times. 


Nektaria Rice, Year 11 SRC