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The holidays are upon us so it might be time to find some things to occupy ourselves during the winter break. Here are some websites that are fun and educational!



From 3D artworks to building a wooden clock, food recipes such as marble swirl cupcakes to fancy dress costumes, this fascinating website offers a multitude of imaginative projects with the necessary instructions to complete them. Subject matter includes food recipes, crafts and costume designs, as well as biology, technology, engineering and woodwork projects.

DK findout

Publisher Dorling Kindersley (DK) has developed a free, online interactive encyclopaedia for school students. This engaging resource allows students to select from a variety of vetted categories to explore the topic of their choice. There are also sections for both parents and teachers.

Moments in time!/media/1303284/moments-game

This interactive timeline was jointly developed by the ABC, ESA, History Teachers Association of Victoria, and Design Royale. Moments in allow you to simply scroll the timeline to travel through time and explore when and where important historical events occurred. You will discover videos, image galleries and detailed information about important people, places and events.

My big tomorrow

Developed by the Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education at the University of Newcastle, this website offers students the opportunity to investigate a variety of careers they may be interested in, or simply choose a random career to explore. There is also a parents section offering advice and assistance.

Reading Australia

This website aims ‘to make significant Australian literary works more readily available for teaching in schools and universities.’ Education resources, linked to the Australian curriculum, have been written by prominent primary and secondary teaching associations to complement these works.


Canva offers teachers and students free, high quality design software that is simple to use, fast, and effective. Users can create multi-page presentations, blog and website graphics, flyers, posters, and invitations.

Shaun Tan – Rules of Summer

Award-winning author and illustrator Shaun Tan’s recent thought-provoking book, Rules of Summer, is the focus of this appealing website. Using short videos Tan offers readers further insights into the book’s origins, aspects of illustrations, and themes.

Seriously amazing

The staff at the Smithsonian have been asked countless questions over the years. This website publishes a host of intriguing questions, with links to the answers and additional information. Topics come from the fields of art, popular culture, science and history.



Also, don’t forget, winter is also a great time to curl with a good book and enjoy escaping into other worlds.

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Mrs Karen Pentland

Teacher Librarian