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NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC)

The 2019 PRC closed on August 30. We are pleased to announce that we had a 100% completion rate at Bethany College. This was achieved in a narrow timeframe. Congratulations to the following students on their efforts.


Year 7 Year 8
Eve Bray Jessica Hristov
Catherine Duncombe Kathryn Milevski
Eden Fernando Margaret Sarmiento
Penny Kalantzis Marianne Sarmiento
Stephanie Moutafis Ameila Urbina
Maya Sandhu  
Lauren Soussa  
Year 9  
Lemoni De Silva  
Gabriela Kursar  
Luna Pandiella-McLeod  
Kate Soussa  



At a college level, the students have been awarded merits for their participation and will receive awards from the PRC organisers next term.

We have begun to promote the 2020 PRC as students can commence reading books for the year ahead. Students In years’ 7 and 8 (years’ 8 & 9 in 2020) will be able to participate. If interested, see a member of the library team or fill out an online form at




Fabian Amuso

Teacher Librarian