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The HSC exam period has arrived for 2015 and the students will now have the chance to put all they have learnt to the test. For the duration of the exams both Library quiet study rooms will be made available exclusively to the Year Twelve students; before school, recess, lunch and after school. Please encourage your daughters to make use of these facilities as they finish their final Bethany College examinations. Good luck girls!

Some hints from the BOSTES website about things to remember in the examination:

Questions may be asked that require you to respond by integrating your knowledge, understanding and skills developed through studying the course.

Read the questions carefully, look for key words and identify the aspect of the course to which these relate.

The mark allocated to the question and the answer space (where this is provided on the examination paper) are an indication of how much you should write in your answer – writing way more than is needed won’t necessarily result in more marks, and you may run out of time to do the rest of the exam.

Be familiar with the key words in the Board’s Glossary of Key Words but remember that some HSC questions may start with words such as ‘how?’, ‘why?’ or ‘to what extent?’ and use verbs that are not included in the glossary, such as ‘design’, ‘translate’ or ‘list’.

If a question contains stimulus material – such as artwork, quotations or maps – it will be needed to answer the question, so consider it carefully.

In the case of multiple-choice questions, read all the alternatives first and then choose the best possible alternative – if you change your mind, there are instructions on the multiple-choice answer sheet about how to change your answer.

Write your answers in black pen – pencil may be used where it is specifically directed but make sure that it can be read. Highlighters may be used to highlight text (but NOT during reading time!) but liquid paper is not allowed in the exam room – it wastes time and may smudge and make your work unreadable. If you make a mistake, cross it out. Please note: any part of your answer that you have crossed out will NOT be marked. Remember it is in your interest to ensure that all your answers are clear, legible and easy to read.

Remember, making the best attempt you can is a better strategy than not attempting the question at all.

We have recently purchased study guides and support materials for the new HSC course curriculums for the students to use. These are housed in the Closed Reserve collection near the front Circulation Desk and are available for overnight loan only. New fiction has also been purchased so keep an eye out for new titles in the next few weeks.

Our local libraries are a constant source of historical information and the Living on the Water’s Edge: Stories of St George free exhibit is open to the public until Thursday 31 December 2015 during opening hours at the Hurstville Museum & Gallery, 14 MacMahon Street, Hurstville Bookings can be made on: 9330 6444 or by going to






The exhibition consists of three galleries that trace the history of the St George district from its earliest people through to the 21st century. Highlights include Aboriginal artefacts, James Oatley’s gravestone, some items from Packham’s bakery, war objects and sporting memorabilia. As summer approaches it might be worth a visit to see how the locals of the past experienced our beautiful coastline!


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Mrs Karen Pentland

Teacher Librarian