Library News

I Love to Read       Bethany Reading Challenge

During Term One, the Library ran the first “I Love to Read “Reading Challenge. The aim of the challenge was to promote a love of reading by encouraging students to achieve realistic, attainable goals.

There was an overwhelming response to the challenge with over two hundred students reading and reporting on over six hundred books. These readers were rewarded with merit signatures, house points and small gift incentives.

I would like to congratulate the students who took part in the challenge for both their enthusiastic approach to the competition and the high quality of their book reviews.






Premiers Reading Challenge 2015     

The Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2015 is underway. The Challenge is an annual New South Wales government initiative to improve literacy and encourage student s to engage in reading for pleasure and learning. The PRC is open to all students from K – Yr. 9.To date many Bethany students have begun reading and registering books on their personal reading logs. The Challenge concludes on the 21st August…. so it is not too late for new students to register. The Library staff is more than happy to help new students to register and assist with any enquiries.



Mrs Lynda Fleming

English Teacher / Librarian