LOTE – A feast for the senses

All our students have been involved in excursions and incursions in this final term and here’s a snapshot of what’s been going on:

Year 11 and Year 10 had the opportunity to view one of Italy’s most popular movies of the year – ITALO, the story of a stray dog that forms a special bond with a young boy and succeeds in having an impact on the lives of all the people living in a small Italian town. If you enjoyed the Australian film RED DOG, then you’d really enjoy ITALO. The day wrapped up with lunch at Moretti’s – great pizza and pasta in the heart of Norton Street, Leichhardt.

Year 8 students didn’t complain too much about the recent hot weather because they were able to enjoy the tastes of PURE GELATO during their Italian lesson. There was a catch, however. Unless they conversed in Italian with the professional gelato-sellers (cleverly disguised as their Italian teacher!) there was no gelato to be had. They all passed (and ate!) with flying colours. What about their tiramisù-making abilities? I have a feeling that this classic Italian dessert may feature on menus for Christmas lunch this year. A simple recipe that the students thoroughly enjoyed making.



From all the LOTE staff – Buon Natale!