LOTE – Summer, Gelato and Year 8

How do we know when Summer is just around the corner? The Pure Gelato cart is parked outside of Yallunga for all of Year 8!

Students have been working on the Food unit and they put their Italian skills to good use by ordering (and paying!) for their gelato in Italian. Here are some of their reviews:

On Friday the 18th of November, Year 8 experienced pure Italian gelato. At the moment in Italian we are learning about food, Cibi Deliziosi! We all enjoyed some gelato during our Italian class, ordering the different flavours of gelato in Italian and tasting the delicious treat. Some of the flavours that were available included, Mango, Tim Tam, Lemon, Oreo, Chocolate and Vanilla. Oreo was the most popular flavour among all the girls. All of our hard Italian work paid off!

Sienna Bosworth-Gonzaga and Gabriella Krstevski


On Friday the 18th of November, Year 8 had their Italian Gelato Day. The girls were super excited and couldn’t wait to try out the scrumptious flavours of Pure Gelato! The flavours included: vanilla, lemon, chocolate fudge, chocolate, tim tam, oreo and tiramisù. The most popular flavours seemed to be vanilla, tim tam and oreo. The girls practiced ordering their gelato in Italian, and got the chance to experience a piece of Italian culture. Each teacher served the ice cream out to their classes, catering well for special dietary requirements. Overall, the girls had a fabulous time, and thoroughly enjoyed their Pure Gelato experience!

 Alice Gleeson & Selina Colagiuri


On Friday 18 November the year 8 students got given a great treat. GELATO!! In our Italian lessons we have been learning about Italian food and how to order it as well as what Italians enjoy. It was a really interesting experience having to order our gelato in Italian. With the option of flavours including Tim Tam, Oreo, Lemon and Mango. It was something everyone was looking forward to. It was a great way to end the unit.                                                                                                                 Ally Hammer




Marco Gianni

Languages – Teacher in Charge