Love Your Body

By Year 9 SRC 

Love Your Body Week is an annual campaign of The Butterfly Foundation that asks people of all ages to reflect on the relationship they have with their bodies and to celebrate the amazing things their bodies can do.

It promotes body acceptance and diversity and encourages people to engage in behaviours that are positive and respectful to themselves, their body and also to others.

Love Your Body Week encourages us to celebrate who you are and what our bodies can do. It’s about celebrating strengths, passions, cultural diversity and individuality.

On Wednesday the 11th of September, Bethany College joined hundreds of schools around Australia to promote positive body image during Love Your Body Week. Students in Years 7-12 participated in a massive Love Your Body dance party in Yallunga Hall filled with empowering music and a Homeroom activity.

Students were encouraged during the day to take some time out to notice what their value and worth beyond their appearance.

Overall this was a fantastic initiative run by the Year 9 SRC and Media Team Members and which displayed s Bethany’s commitment to empowering young women.


“It was a memorable experience, to be able to let loose without the fear of judgment”. -Ngikula Harris

“The positive vibe when your in the room urges you to dance, making you feel really confident and comfortable with your body”. -Julliana Pineda