Luka Lesson – Year 8 English

“And they say – “Live by the sword, die by the sword” but the word “sword” has the word “word” in it because our words can be the antidote”- Luka Lesson, Antidote

On the 14th August, 2019, Year 8 was involved in a poetry slam incursion.  Luka Lesson introduced the power of slam poetry to the class of 2023 in a short span of 2 hours, teaching us his writing methods and the clever way he relates real world issues to his poems. The first poem he performed, “When the dust settles,”  is an explicit example of how Lesson weaves his words into a poem closely related to real issues. After he finished performing the poem, Lesson broke down the meaning of this piece, teaching us along the way the meaning behind his work and in each poem composed.

The next poems he performed were both connected to his personal life, and we learned the importance of personal experience and literary techniques such as how all poems don’t have to rhyme.  “Yia Yia” and “Antidote” touched the hearts of many in the room and connected us to the power of words. “A very inspiring poem”- Anonymous

A special thank you to Luka Lesson for opening our eyes to slam poetry and inspiring us all to create and let our thoughts flow free.

– Sienna De Mari