Lunch Time Debating Competition

Over the past few weeks, ladies from years 7 -12 participated in a Lunch Time Debating Competition. This competition was designed to give our teams a chance to develop their public speaking skills, form new teams from different years and mostly to have fun.

Congratulations to the winners of the inaugural competition:

Evelyn Karavokyros

Eve Fernando

Louisa Leone

Maxine Hakeem

A big thank you to all the teachers that supported the competition including Mrs Russo for adjudicating and Mr. Martin for coordinating. I would like to make a special thank you to the all of the following girls for participating; they have had a massive impact and influence upon each other through their positivity and gratitude.


  • Sophie Gallagher
  • Lara Ball
  • Brooke Salisbury
  • Farah Chalak
  • Grace O’Keefe
  • Zoe Stragalinos
  • Annika Woodham
  • Ophelia Devcic
  • Laila Nicola
  • Abby Gillon-Smith
  • Valentia Triulcio
  • Justina Alabasinis
  • Evelyn Karavokyros
  • Eve Fernando
  • Louisa Leone
  • Maxine Hakeem

Adjudicators/Time Keepers

  • Joanna Vazouras
  • Dakota Martin
  • Sophia Calvo y Perez
  • Stefanie Krieg
  • Kijana Moss-Williams
  • Sharlize Lasala
  • Emily Licovski
  • Olivia Di Costanzo
  • Jacinta Walz
  • Niamh McMenamin
  • Francesca Garcia  












Joanna Vazouras

Debating/Public Speaking Prefect 2015/2016