Make a Difference Day

On 26 July, Miss Grimm, Monica and myself attended ‘Make a Difference Day’ at NSW Parliament House. We discussed modern political issues relevant to our daily lives with students from a range of schools around the state, exploring opinions about very controversial topics. From this we gained a greater understanding of how our parliament makes decisions whilst learning how we could make a difference in the future. Through this, we participated in activities which lead to us¬†learning and understanding the needs and opinions of other people in our community, whether that be limited to our class, year, school, region or national community. We got the opportunity to listen to stories of current politicians and how they strive to make a difference for the better of their constituency and the country. At the conclusion of the day all groups came together where I got the opportunity to speak in front of approximately 150 students in the NSW Legislative Assembly. It was an insightful and unique experience that will assist us in attempting to make a difference as well as giving us the ability to understand the opinions of others, regardless of whether or not we agree with them. I’d like to thank Miss Grimm for organising such a great experience for Monica and I.¬†
By Dana Sutherland (Year 10)