Mark Coure St George Community Awards


Chloe-Brooke Plazanin is a worthy winner of the Youth Achievement Award as part of our Community Awards. She is a Bethany College student who has shown community spirit in both her school and her local community.

Chloe-Brooke was awarded outstanding academic effort award in all areas of the curriculum as well as displaying impressive leadership abilities and has been elected as a SRC representative for her class last 4 years.

She is always participating in school activities with pride and has represented her school in inter-school competitions especially dance. Outside her school Chloe Brooke has been an active member of Oatley RSL Youth Club Gymnastics for the past 7 years. She started with the club as a recreational aerobic gymnast in 2008, and soon moved to the competitive aerobic gymnastics stream in which she has achieved great success at local, state and national level. Whilst heavily involved in her sport and with a heavy training and competition load Chloe applied to become a volunteer coach in 2013. As a participant Chloe had a positive attitude, a natural instinct to help out during her own classes, and boundless enthusiasm for gymnastics,
as such we saw her as the perfect choice for a trainee coach.

As with all traineeships Chloe was learning and coaching in a voluntary capacity, spending the time giving back to her club before giving up her own time to undertake the 5 courses necessary to gain her Intermediate Gymnastics coaching qualifications and progressing to a paid position. A process which in its entirety took 18 months, during which time Chloe continued to compete for our club, as well as coaching 2-3 days a week. In addition to this Chloe also volunteered her time to participate in numerous additional education and training events including the Gymnastics NSW Leadership Academy program for young coaches and has achieved her Certificate II in Sport Coaching this year.

Chloe has consistently embraced the community spirit that comes from being part of an RSL Youth Club. She has regularly attended local community events such as the annual ANZAC Day Commitments as well as numerous club events, working bees, etc. In addition Chloe-Brooke is also a dance teacher in one of the local dance schools. All this at the age of 16.

Well done Chloe-Brooke and thank you for your contributions to our local community.


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