Mental Health Month

Monday 4th October marked the beginning of Mental Health Month. Mental Health Month encourages all Australians to make mental health a priority and to take positive action to improve well-being.

In our Bethany community, we live by the motto “act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with our God” which encourages young women to: respond critically and creatively to challenges that arise; to meet the world with a sense of humility, justice and love; and to empower confident and resilient young women to engage in the world. Mental health month not only encourages our students to make a promise and commitment to support their own well-being, but to also smash the stigma (#smashthestigma) around mental health by supporting their peers and breaking down the barriers that stop other students from seeking support (#WMHD2015).

We are all responsible for our own mental health, so mental health month is an opportunity to take personal ownership of your well-being by participating in various activities that improve well-being. At lunch time, throughout the month of October students will be running numerous activities, including yoga, tai-chi, zumba, meditation, positive affirmations, cupcakes, journal writing, activities that symbolise letting go of worries and many more! We have lots of fun activities running all month so please get involved!!

The schedule for Mental Health Month is below. In the meantime, take a look at some activities we have been running so far…..

CUPCAKES FOR MENTAL HEALTH (money goes to charity)

ZUMBA – Dance and be free and happy!

ORIGAMI- Writing worries on cranes and letting them go!



October 2015


Grill’d & Smiling Mind are partnering to build a mindful Movement to help Smiling Mind achieve their vision for Mindfulness Meditation to be on the curriculum by 2020. At the end of the day, both want to contribute to building a happier and healthier community!

A recent study, published in the Medical Journal of Australia, found that one in seven Primary School Students and one in four Secondary Students have experienced a mental health disorder in the last year. Smiling Mind’s mission is to turn this around by providing young people with free mindfulness-based tools to manage daily stressors and prevent ill mental health.

Local Matters is the Grill’d community donation program that aims to give back to the community. Every month each restaurant supports 3 local community groups. Each group gets a jar and customers are given a token to pop into the jar of the group they wish to support for the month.

At the end of the month tokens are counted up and a prize is given to the school. The prize will be used to support mental health month within the school through activities. It will also help generate mental health awareness amongst our school community so that we can smash the stigma around mental health.

So please visit Grill’d in Miranda and make a contribution!




Katerina Stratilas

School Counsellor