Mental Health Month



We have continued to celebrate Mental Health Month this October. Our goal in celebrating Mental Health Month is to start life changing conversations, tackle stigma and discrimination and break down help seeking behaviours around mental health.

I am urging everyone to make your MENTAL HEALTH a PRIORITY– not just this month but EVERYDAY. Is there a COMMITMENT you can make, or a GOAL you can set to help you achieve or maintain good well-being? Think about the activities that contribute to you feeling POSITIVE, HEALTHY and FULFILLED and the things that add HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION to your life. To make a mental health PROMISE, visit Mental health Australia’s ‘promise wall’:

It’s important to remember ‘IT IS OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY’. The best thing you can do is reach out. If you need advice, or want to talk to someone there are many services available. I also encourage you to COMMIT to activities that promote well-being and REACH OUT to people that may need some extra love and support.

The activities students are running to support student well-being have continued to be a huge success at Bethany. Below are some photos of the activities that have taken place.

A team of Year 10 girls ran a MINDFUL COLOURING IN activity to help students alleviate stress.



A team of Year 11 students alongside Miss Robinson organised a Yoga session for students.


Over the next week we will also have more cupcakes and a relaxing meditation for students.

Thank you to all students involved in organising the activities!

                Please continue to join in the fun as we celebrate positive well-being! coun16


Katerina Stratilas

School Consellor