Mental Health Month

October was Mental Health Month, and in order to recognise this a number of activities were run at lunch time by four Year 12 students (Elsey-Anne Dadson, Yazmina Rouady, Christina Grace and Ashlee Pasfield) throughout the month. The activities included colouring-in, writing positive affirmations on paper leaves to be stuck on a ‘message tree’ and hung in the counsellor’s office, as well as writing personalised messages to each other. Additionally, students were able to socialise with others, listen to music and eat lollies (of course)!

These activities were run in order to promote wellbeing and spread positivity amongst all students. These activities turned out to be very successful as we received great amounts of support from the Year 12 cohort who came each week, from offering help to bringing in snacks to interacting with the other girls. In saying this, we cannot forget the students in other year groups who also participated in the activities and offered their support for Mental Health month, and for this we are truly grateful! Above all, Bethany girls were able to serve the cause well as everyone interacted positively with others, and ensured that at the end of each session, no girl left feeling disappointed.  


Written by Yazmina Rouady and Elsey-Anne Dadson (Year 11)



Mental Health Month – Year 9 Activities

The purpose of Mental Health Month is to join people in events that raise awareness and promote better mental health in the wider community. We wanted to get involved in Mental Health Month because we believe that raising awareness for this cause is very important as approximately 1 in 4 students suffer from a mental illness. We really enjoyed giving back to the Bethany community and running Mental Health Month activities this year.

Week 2 of this term saw a cupcake stall held to raise money for Headspace. Headspace is a National Youth Mental Health Foundation that provides young people between the ages of 12-25 years with early mental health services. They promote the wellbeing of young people and cover four main areas including mental health, physical health, work and study support, alcohol and other drug services. For Mental Health Month one of our chosen activities was to hold a Cupcake Stall, raising money for Headspace. We all brought in delicious treats such as cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, pastries and lollies. Through the Cupcake Stall we were able to spread awareness about Mental Health, hanging posters of statistics and support services available. A total amount of $540 was raised, which was all donated to Headspace to help them continue their work with young people. We all had fun making and baking for the stall. It was so much fun to see all the students and teachers contribute to the cause by buying delicious treats. Thank you to all the students who supported our stall either through baking and buying sweets!!

Week 3 followed with an origami session to embrace mindfulness. Mindfulness improves mental health as it relieves stress and has been scientifically found to be a key element of happiness. Beautiful origami designs such as cranes, swans, cats, stars, samurai helmets, and butterflies along with paper planes were created by the girls who participated. Towards the end of lunch time, a fun paper plane competition was held which brought out smiles and laughs (and congratulations to Dinethi who won!). We hope to see the same girls and some new faces during next year’s Mental Health Month.

Written by Zoe Ball, Zoe Collins, Dinethi Algama, Cecilia Strati, Katrina Simon, Sophie Cook, Kelly Tan, Lucy Cottier, Serena Pham and Chrystal Ruz (Year 9)


Life can become quite busy and looking after our mental well-being can sometimes become low priority. However, neglecting our well-being can impact on our overall functioning day to day so our well-being needs to be prioritised and nurtured so that we can perform at our best! It is important that student’s structure time in their schedule every day to attend to their self-care and well-being using various strategies including exercising, relaxation, meditation or engaging in enjoyable activities. The students involved in mental health month were able to ‘share their journey’ and encouraged their peers to take some time out during their busy school day to attend to their well-being through various activities and this proved to be a positive and productive experience for a lot of Bethany students. Parents please encourage your daughters to take some time out every day to look after their mental health as mental well-being is so important in living a happy and fulfilled life!


Katerina Stratilas

School Counsellor