Launching our new Website

In this last week, our new website has gone live, and we are really excited with the finished product.

Our vision for learning, TOGETHER, WE GROW is the prominent message that we are trying to convey to the wider community.

We want our girls to grow into women of INTELLECT, FAITH AND CHARACTER.

To make our vision incarnate, we will be working hard to encourage the girls to become learners that are: COLLABORATIVE, CRITICAL, CREATIVE, SELF-DIRECTED AND ENGAGED.

All of our work is undertaken within the context of a vibrant Catholic College, infused with the values of FAITH, WELCOME, HEALING, FRIENDSHIP, SHELTER AND SOCIAL JUSTICE.

Our newsletter will look very different and along with parent correspondence, is password protected (Parent2014).

We look forward to expanding this site as a showcase of our great work. We would welcome your feedback as to its efficacy. 

Funding of Catholic Schools: A message from Dr White, Executive Director of Sydney CEO

Demand for places in our Catholic schools has never been greater, and it is not hard to see why.

Our schools continue to provide outstanding opportunities for students in an environment where the gospel values are lived out each day.

In order to meet this demand, the Catholic Education Office Sydney is  growing existing schools and planning  new ones; however, if it is going to be able to meet demand, more schools will need to be built in the years ahead, particularly in the inner-west and south-west regions of Sydney.

To do this, we need the help of the State Government.

With the NSW state election just around the corner, please keep in mind this critical issue.  We are seeking a clear statement from all political parties about what support they are prepared to provide to help meet the capital cost of building new schools.

I will provide more information about this issue in the coming weeks.

New Parent Welcome and Laptop Rollout for Year 7

We really enjoyed meeting Year 7 and their parents last Friday night. The students received their new laptops and Mr Carragher addressed the gathering on the exciting possibilities that are offered to the students as 21st century learners here at Bethany. Of course, the students need to use their machines in a responsible way and we will be taking steps to ensure the Student Acceptable Use Agreement is adhered to. Bootcamp on Monday went well, with the exception of a few students from our feeder schools whose password had expired in the holidays yet they hadn’t noticed. This is a great reminder to consistently check the student the student @sydstu accounts regularly so that you are up to date with security measures and outages.


Our mantra:
“Girls can do anything.
Bethany girls can do everything!*
(*except divide by zero)”


Vicki Lavorato