Milan’s Miracle Fundraiser

Date: Saturday 9th June 2018
Venue: Penshurst RSL, 58A Penshurst St, Penshurst
Time: 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Milan’s Story:

Milan is the daughter of a Bethany staff member Ms Marilee Mai, who is currently on leave.

This is 5.5 year old Milan. Milan is a big sister, Violinist and Ballet dancer. 

Milan and her family’s worlds came crashing down July 17th 2017 with her diagnosis of Medulloblastoma. Medulloblastoma is a very aggressive brain tumour.

 Her prognosis was supposed to be good with an 80% cure rate. Then their worlds crashed yet again when she relapsed with metastasis and leptomeningeal spreading during the end of radiation treatment last year. Prognosis now not so good. 

The doctors here at Sydney Children’s Randwick have never seen anything like it. 
After 3 rounds of intensive chemotherapy, she now has widespread leptomeningeal disease. Unfortunately, there is no cure to date. Prognosis is even worse now. 

Milan will begin a new chemotherapy protocol that will hopefully buy her more time, (the doctors say months) and pray that it somehow kills off the disease for good. At this stage their only other option is to go to America to receive treatment from a doctor who has a possible cure.

All donations will go to searching healing/curative therapies for Milan whether it is here in Australia or overseas. It will also be used to try and bring big smiles to Milan’s face.