National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association (Naisda) Dance Camp: 23 -28 August

My name is Madelyn Wise, I am in Year 9, and I attended the Garabara Ngurra Aboriginal Dance Camp this year in term 3. My mum is Aboriginal and my tribe is Wiradjuri.

The NAISDA dance camp was one of the best weeks of my life so far. It was so much fun, learning cultural dances and making new friends from all over NSW. I was the only student selected from Bethany and this being the first year Catholic Schools were invited, Olivia, Shane, Bailey and I, were very excited to attend. We all bonded very quickly, and our friendship has grown amazingly fast. I made very close friends Mahana and Kaitlyn from Broken Hill. It was very hard to say goodbye on the last day, but we communicate through social media, and I know I will be seeing them again soon.

The week went by so quickly, but we learnt so much. I learnt the importance of my culture, and how it should be passed on through generations to generations. The whole week was a highlight for myself. I loved learning, as well as learning with my friends. I have gained cultural learnings and many new friends while on camp, and I would love to attend again next year.

I would like to thank Miss Cox for the amazing opportunity and experience you gave me. I am so glad I attended and would go through it all again in a heartbeat.

Link to commentary of the camp:

– Madelyn Wise