National day of action against Bullying and Violence

On the 18th March Bethany College took part in the National day of action against Bullying and Violence. This day helps recognise that bullying is present and advocates prevention initiatives to connect schools and communities in finding workable solutions to end bullying. 

For 2022, the theme is ‘Kindness Culture, It Starts with You’.

Kindness culture is about being authentic in showing you care about someone. It allows us to understand and adapt positive and wholesome qualities such as listening and respecting decisions or hardships, but also praising accomplishments and doing small acts such as smiling!

As a school we participated in this initiative by wearing orange ribbons. The colour orange symbolises Bethany’s unity to be a school that promotes and encourages respect, inclusive social communications, freedom of ideas and belonging. It was great to see so many students and teachers participating!

Monday, 21st March saw the opportunity to again wear our orange ribbons in support of Harmony Day. The day aims to engage people to participate in their community, respect cultural and religious diversity and foster a sense of belonging for everyone no matter what cultural or linguistic background they are. It was great that as school we could come together to spread the message that ‘everybody belongs’. 


Tara Winton

Wellbeing Prefect