Newman Writing Project

On Wednesday October 24th, Year 10 Newman English was able to spend the day working with young primary school students in order to enhance creative writing skills. This was an excellent opportunity for our class to nurture and express creativity whilst sharing new ideas with fellow classmates, as well as with younger students equipped with advanced writing skills. This was not only a mentoring opportunity for our Newman class to aid in the educational development of future Bethany girls, but it was also a chance to learn new things from the wild and unique imaginations of many other young, talented girls. These primary school students came from a range of schools, which included St Mary Star of the Sea, St Finbar’s, St Joseph’s Oatley, St Joseph’s Rockdale, St Francis Xavier, Mater Dei and St Raphael’s.

Various activities completed throughout the day enabled everyone to begin to generate ideas and interact with one another. The overall aim of this mentoring program is to produce a creative story directed by the primary students with the assistance and guidance of the Year 10 Newman Class. To express the story fully, each pair is invited to present their story in both digital and printed format.

The second session held on Friday 23rd November ran just as smoothly as the first session. The mentors and the primary school students got stuck into writing and adding to their final product straight away. The teachers were very helpful in assisting the students and guiding them to develop their writing skills. The students were very lucky to also have access to two full tables of motivation (lollies) to help their creative juices flow.

“The mentoring program has been an enlightening experience for the younger girls and our class as a whole. It was both fun and challenging at the same time.”
-Alessia Colagiuri, Year 10 Newman student

This has proven to be a fantastic opportunity for the Year 10 Newman Class and we look forward to showcasing our completed projects on Tuesday 11th December at the Newman Symposium.  A big thank you to Miss Taouk, Ms Field and Mrs Smit for planning the day and ensuring that it ran smoothly.

Alice Gleeson, Selina Colagiuri and Zoe Ball