CGSSSA Dance Competition – 12 September 2018

The CGSSSA Dance Championships were held at Monte Sant Angelo College in North Sydney for the fourth year in a row. There were 15 schools competing and with 60 teams with Bethany College entering troupes in every section.Thank you to Mrs Bennie and Mrs Matthews for assisting on the day and Miss Brennan for her organisation.

Overall Winners for the Championship for 2018

1st Place – St Ursula’s, 2nd Place – Loreto, 3rd Place –  Bethany College Hurstville


Jazz – 1st Place Choreographers: Alessia Colagiuri & Maddy Stojanovski

Shae Acevski, Sofia Canestro, Alessia Colagiuri, Shona Griffin, Tara Kapila, Natalia Kaskoutas, Grace King, Maddy Stojanovski, Karli Agathopoulos, & Zoe Stragalinos











Folk – Indigenous 3rd Place Choreographers:  Elise and Tahlia Wise

Elise and Tahlia Wise, Gemma Marshall, Isabella Bonanno & Chelsea Cibelevski








Musical Theatre – 3rd Place Choreographers: Georgia Malaxos, Sofia Canestro and assistant Monique Cost-Chretien

Sarah Chapman, Monique Cost-Chretien, Sophia Deben, Charlotte Halliday, Katrina Kartsiotis, Georgia Marks, Anastasia McNeil, Paris Serban, Isabella Santilliana, Juliette Lepine, Sophia McDonnell & Elly Vazouras










Contemporary dance – Year 12 Dancers With Choreography by Mrs Bennie

Annabel Bennett, Jessica Convery, Abigail Doherty, Monique Doherty,Dominique Kulchar, Georgia Malaxos, Olivia Marshall, Georgia McGilchrist,Roselyn Pasia,Stephanie West, Kelly Willson, Madelyn Wise & Danise Yuen










Tap – Choreography Georgia Scott and Louise Robinson

Anastasia McNeil, Tejal Meisuria, Janna Moellan, Juliette Newbery,Louise Robinson, Georgia Scott, Danielle South, Zoe Stragalinos, Elly Vazouras & Jacinta Mioduszewski







Hip Hop – Choreography Roselyn Pasia and Karli Anthopoulos

Karli Agathopoulos, Alessia Colagiuri, Shona Griffin, Tara Kapila, Grace King, Alana Kucinic, Juliette Lepine, Roselyn Pasia, Tiffany Prusac, Maddy Stojanovski & Rachel Tannous










Profile Roselyn-Mae Pasia Year 12 Student

As we farewell Roselyn we thought it was fitting for her to share her experiences in being an integral part of team Dance Bethany over the past 6 years.

I am so grateful to have been a part of Team Dance Bethany from year 7 through to year 12 and competing with fellow past and present students of Bethany College in SCC Dance Competitions, CGSSSA Dance Competitions and The Sydney Eisteddfod, which are memories that I will cherish from my High School years forever. I was lucky enough to not only be a part of the team in Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Folk and Hip Hop troupes, but to choreograph a Folk troupe and my Hip Hop troupe, B-Crew. I want to pass onto future dancers and current dancers to strive to be their best and to cherish your years at Bethany, especially to the dance family at Bethany to build your relationships and to continue the legacy of Team Dance Bethany for the years to come – Roselyn-Mae Pasia




Katrine Barnes 

Dance Sport 2018