One Parish, One Family

On Thursday,24 October 2019, 40 Year 9 students attended the One Parish, One Family community event with primary school students from Mater Dei and St Raphael’s. This event aimed to provide a valuable link and connection between the feeder primary schools and the Bethany College students by allowing the ex-primary school students and other Year 9’s to act as both a role model and coach for younger students.

Here is a student reflect from the day by Jelena Puda:

The One Parish, One Family event is a highly exciting opportunity to go to in Year 9 and I would definitely recommend taking the chance to attend the event for those who will eventually be in Year 9. On the day this event took place the Year 9’s were split into groups of 3-4 and were each assigned a year group to look after, coach and run activities for them to participate in on the day. The year group which was assigned to us were the Year 6’s and we were then each split to run different rotation which consisted of over-under and king ball, soccer and relays. 

This was an incredible experience as my group was able to meet so many new bright personalities from this day and I’m sure those who get to go in the future will have a lot of fun and enjoy such a wonderful time. What was also great to hear is that many of the students were going to Bethany orientation day and many wanted to attend after seeing what Bethany Students are like. Overall I highly suggest that those who get given this opportunity take it, as it is a very lovely and enjoyable experience and you are able to have created new bonds and those who will eventually come to Bethany will have someone to look out for them and give them help when needed.

Jelena Puda


Theresa Chisari

Year 9 Coordinator