Optus Digital Thumbprint Workshop Years 8 & 9

Bethany College recently welcomed Optus’ free digital education program, Digital Thumbprint to deliver their workshops to our Year 8 & 9 students on Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 September. Delivered in class to students by their facilitator Kristina,  the program was fun and engaging with interactive workshops tailored to the needs of specific year groups. Designed to empower and inform Australia’s young digital natives, the workshops taught students the advantages of having a positive online presence and armed them with the vital information they need to stay safe online.

Bethany College has proudly joined Optus’ Digital Thumbprint program in its commitment to ensuring our students are savvy, responsible and proactive members of Australia’s online community. Overall, the program proved to be a highly beneficial experience for students and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. For more information on the program and each of the workshops we encourage you to visit: www.digitalthumbprint.com.au/

There is also a range a free resources, from Optus and its partners, for parents and care-givers that support you to have effective conversations around what young people should and shouldn’t share online, cyber-bullying, and how digital technology can support effective study practices. Please visit: www.digitalthumbprint.com.au/parent-resources

On Tuesday the 4th and Wednesday 5th Year 8 and 9 received top tips on how to be safe online ran by the Optus Digital Thumbprint team. We learned about how safe our passwords really are and where does our information go. Big apps sell our interests for profit, no wonder the adds on my phone are what I have been looking for? Security is vital, so we put our passwords to the test and tested how long it would take to hack into our personal information. Surprisingly not long, we learnt how to form the best passwords that would take millions of years to unlock. By adding symbols, capital letters and numbers to a catch phrase you have an unbreakable password. We also learned how to tackle online bullying, offering our support to those who are being bullied, reporting the situation, thinking about what you may be doing online and if it’s the right thing and thinking about how.  

The most impressive part was when we were told what terms and conditions we have signed our selves up with, when we use different apps. We were guided to a website that will summarize the terms and  conditions so it will allow us to know the outlines for what we are being signed up for. Making sure you know who you are accepting as your friend online, switching your account settings to private and if you are ever unsure about something make sure to see a trusted adult. Overall the Digital Thumbprint run by Optus was a big eye opener for all the girls and it allowed us to see a bigger picture of what is really happening on someone’s computer and how we can be safe.


 – Natalie Lupo and Lucy Flanagan