Outstanding Achievements in Reading 2017


Alice Gleeson – Year 9 – Premier’s Reading Challenge Medal

Alice is one of only 480 students from NSW to receive this award. The award recognises students who have made an outstanding commitment to reading by completing the challenge from Year 3 to Year 9. This is an incredible achievement and one which deserves heartfelt congratulations!

Sarah Chapman – Year 7 – Premier’s Reading Challenge Gold Award

Sarah has completed her fourth successful year in the Challenge. A great accomplishment Sarah!

Isabella Asha, Ysabelle Cabrera, Yasmin Hijazi, Eleanor Humphreys, Luna Pandiella-McLeod, Caitlin Hollis, Angelina Milevski , Alice Gleeson.

 These students are to be congratulated on successfully completing the Challenge in 2017. Well done girls, this is a wonderful achievement!



This year the inaugural Bethany College Principal’s Reading Challenge was held. The Challenge was a huge success and the following students are to be warmly congratulated on their fantastic achievements;

Principal’s Gold

Ysabelle Cabrera,  Taylor Di Fabio,  Myra Grimaldi, Eleanor Humphreys, Ellen Kalantzis Eleni Karavokyros , Kelly Nguyen, Olivia Plomaritis, Natalie Ryan,   Kate Soussa, Zoe Stamoulis, Maddison Underhill and Sienna Williams.

Principal’s Silver

 Katya Alexander, Angelique Belivanis, Sarah Chapman, Maresa Moustakis, Jorja Stamoulis and Ilina Trifunovska.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in both Challenges.

Certificates of attainment will be awarded at the final Year Assemblies.



Lynda Fleming

Teacher Librarian