Papua New Guinea Clothing Drive

In week 3, the students and teachers of Bethany College were encouraged to take part in a social justice initiative by  collecting clothes  for the students at Port Moresby Jubilee school in Papua New Guinea. Due to the high levels of crime and poverty in the country, it’s very difficult for students to get many clothes, with the principal of the school commenting that many students only have one to two outfits a year. We were very happy with the outcome, collecting 10 full bags of clothes with about  items in each. A huge thank you to the staff and students who supported this important drive.


Celia Finch
Year 12 SRC member


I would also like to extend a huge thank you to Celia for her work in promoting this fantastic initiative. She rallied the girls behind it and it is so lovely to see such a phenomenal spirit of giving amongst the students.


Laura Golding

Youth Ministry and Student Leadership Co-Ordinator