Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Term 3


Term 3 has been a different term to what we would normally experience. Remote learning however, has allowed students to explore new and fun ways to focus and concentrate on their physical, spiritual and mental health and wellbeing.

Each week, the students have been presented with a range of fun wellbeing activities to engage with at their leisure. These activities included famous quotes, craft activities, cooking recipes, mindful colouring, mediation and yoga.


The College has celebrated some significant events through remote learning in Term 3  including;  International Day of Friendship in July, R U Ok? Day in September and Body Kind week. 

Students have had the opportunity to enter numerous competitions through remote learning including the Healthy Minds trivia, designing online card messages to a friend and creating a slogan for R U OK? through lockdown. I want to thank and acknowledge all the students who entered and participated in these events and activities.

Have a safe and happy break.

Mary Matthews

Leader of Wellbeing 


‘The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.’  Albert Einstein

‘Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.’ – Thomas Edison

Some of the R U OK? Day competition entries

Year 7

Year 7 Lanterns have worked exceptionally well throughout this term, despite the challenges they have faced. They have shown commitment to their studies, a willingness to see the positives in every situation and immense maturity in a time of uncertainty and change. I am so proud of each student and would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all Parents of Year 7 for their continued support. Each homeroom has engaged in a variety of fun, wellbeing activities throughout the term. Please enjoy the following snapshot of what homeroom PE202 has been doing during remote learning! 



 Priscilla Richani

Acting Year 7 Coordinator


Lockdown does not mean shut down, and our wonderful students in Homeroom PE 202 have taken up the challenge of remote learning and lockdown restrictions with a can-do attitude. Online attendance at our weekly Homeroom sessions has been excellent and, as teachers, we appreciate the smiling faces that welcome us as each Zoom opens.


The students brought some special guests to join for homeroom one winter morning. Lots of furry friends were introduced to the class.We managed to catch a few in the screenshot, but there were a few more pooches that graced us with a visit. Mrs Simonetta also shared a pic of her German Shepherd, Xena (Warrior Princess).




Mid-term, the girls were enlisted to complete the “Five Things in Lockdown” challenge: cooking for the family, helping to wash up the dishes or stack and empty the dishwasher, getting out-and-about in the local area (with the emphasis on ‘local’), playing a board game with the family, and setting up a simple fitness circuit at home. Many of the girls jumped at the challenge (literally!) and consolidated some crucial lifelong skills in the process, not least of which was collaborating with family.



As the term comes to an end, the students have been asked to research a favourite family recipe that their parents remember enjoying when they were young. We called it “Tastes just like how my Grandmother used to make it”. Connecting generations who are in lockdown and cannot physically see each other, sharing memories of family favourites from the past evoked a nostalgia that reminded us of the vibrant connective tissue of memory that keeps us all intact. The girls were encouraged to recreate the dish true to the original recipe, and invite their family to deliver a score out of ten.

Congratulations to Stella Nottage and Charlotte Teplicanec who have already  produced family favourites. Stella with a “Mac and Cheese with Bacon” and Charlotte with “Mars Bar Slice”. Both families gave the girls an excellent score of 8.5/10. Great job Stella and Charlotte! We look forward to hearing of many more family favourites and how the students fair in consolidating culinary skills passed down across generations.


Mrs Simonetta dug out some recipes she’s been busting to cook for a while now, but never seems to find a moment: Jamie Oliver’s lemon torte and Nigella Lawson’s New York cheesecake (pictured below). And for a main meal that you just can’t muck up even if you tried: slow-cooked lamb shank ragu. Next on the list of things to create are her late mother’s lemon meringue pie and her late mother-in-law’s tiramisu (with a Women’s Weekly-inspired twist). Watch this space…

Resilience is a word that denotes the process of hanging in there and emerging from a challenging situation intact and with more than you went in with. This has been a big theme in lockdown. We asked the girls one morning what the challenges of lockdown were for them and how they’re overcoming them. Many said they’re missing daily contact with friends (thank goodness for digital technology and social media!), celebrating special occasions with extended family and networks of friends, face-to-face connections with teachers in their onsite learning spaces, shopping and travel. So we asked them how they’re overcoming those challenges and their answers showed a renewed appreciation of the simple pleasures of day-to-day life: going for walks with family – including the dog, cooking, having more time to talk to family, being able to focus on the learning part of school life with no distractions, and riding their bikes, which always gives teenagers a feeling of unbridled freedom and control of their universe. We also asked them how lockdown has helped them engender personal pride in their capacities. Many said they’re proud of their adaptability to a new learning context and the discovery of independence and self-reliance, and how they’ve conquered the platforms that support and enable online learning. It’s brought out in many a different version of self-discipline that they didn’t know they possessed, and it’s nurtured in some the finer points of online communication, which they’ve been forced to hone in order to stay connected and remain on top of expectations.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Lockdown in Review for PE202. We look forward to publishing the products of more culinary adventures next term. In the meantime, have a beautiful break!


Damienne Forrester and  Jennifer Simonetta


Year 8

The Year 8 ‘Flames’ are to be commended on their flexibility, resilience and efforts they have demonstrated over the past 10 weeks learning remotely.  I have been incredibly proud of their attitude toward learning and adaptability they have shown for a second year. Whilst this period has had its challenges, it has been a pleasure to watch Year 8 students develop their organisational and time-management skills as they continue to grow as self-directed learners. These skills will prove invaluable for years to come as they progress through their high school journey. 

Term 3 has also brought some exciting opportunities for Year 8. This has involved the ‘Subject Selection’ process that has taken place this term where students chose their preferences for Stage 5 electives. This is an exciting time for Year 8 students who for the first time in their schooling journey have been able to reflect on subjects they are passionate about for consideration to study as electives in Stage 5. It was pleasing to see the reflection process, conversations and inquisitive nature that students demonstrated in this process to make informed decisions on their likes and strengths. 

Throughout Term 3, students have been involved in weekly homeroom sessions where homeroom teachers have provided a social check in with students in the class. This has included the ‘Class Versus Class’ challenge that began in Week 5. Students have used this opportunity to see their homeroom teachers and classmates as they have fun participating in weekly challenges such as the word challenge and Taboo. 


Please see below a thank you note from Gabrielle Messiha, Year 8 SRC Member: 

On behalf of all of Year 8, I would just like to thank all the teachers for their hard work during these unprecedented times. We are truly grateful for all that you have done for us and we are very happy with the effort you have all put into helping us each day. We also thank you all for the fun games each fortnight on our homeroom zooms as they really help us to relax and have fun. So once again, thank you to all the teachers.

The results for the class challenge after Week 9 are included below: Congratulations to students in 8PE103 who are currently in the lead at time of writing.

As the term ends, this concludes my time supporting the cohort as their Year Coordinator as Mrs Pikis will return in this position in Term 4. It has been with great pleasure that I have had the opportunity to support Year 8 students and their families. I thank you for your support during this time and wish health and happiness for all students and families. 


Rochelle Bailey

Acting Year 8 Coordinator


Year 9 

Over the course of the last 6 weeks, a large number of Year 9 students took up the challenge to engage in the Mental Fitness Challenge online. Please read student feedback.

Recently Year 9 was involved in the Bite Back Mental Fitness Challenge, a challenge that encouraged us to improve our relationships, learn how to deal with stress, learn more about our character strengths and how to set goals. It was a 6-week challenge that encompassed watching videos, doing short quizzes and even meditation. After the 6 weeks, a poster was created for us that included everything we had answered during the challenge for us to keep. The  Bite Back Mental Fitness Challenge was very helpful during these unprecedented times and through remote learning. As a bonus, you can even win a $50 voucher. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it!’ – Penny Kalantzis CH203


Introducing the College Counsellor to Year 9

In Week 8, the Year 9’s  were introduced to the newly appointed College Counsellor, Simone Nind. Simone reiterated the importance of reaching out for support and acknowledging the notion of how it is okay to not be okay. She described her role as a school counsellor and the counselling goals using a strength-based approach to create solution-focused outcomes in sessions. Simone explained briefly some of the various topics the students can receive support tools with, including but not limited to; self-esteem and confidence, boundaries, peer relationships, family matters, and emotional regulation.


September brings the Butterfly Foundations Promotion BodyKind (formerly Love Your Body Campaign) front and centre.

Fotini Koutrodimas Year 12 SRC along with the Year 9 SRC’s Andriana Papadopoulos, Tea leone, Josette Lim, Chiara Ventura, Selena Carlucci, Sophia Aloi and Catilin Coyne, have been preparing a presentation for the whole school to be Body kind aware 10th September.

Finding ways to like, accept, love or even feel positive about your body can be challenging in the world we live in today, but we can all try to be a little kinder.

Being Body Kind is how we nourish, nurture and move our bodies. It’s about the language we use out loud, online and in our heads – to ourselves and others.


Katrine Barnes

Year 9 Coordinator


Year 10

The remote learning period throughout Term Three has presented teachers and students with significant challenges. I am pleased to say that Year 10 has adapted very well to the less than ideal learning framework.

The level of participation and engagement from Year 10 has been excellent.

Throughout Term Three Year 10 have also participated in the subject selection process for Year 11, 2022. This process involved a great deal of information and an interview process for all students, parents and carers with college staff.

The process hopefully will assist the students in making sound subject choices to lead them towards the HSC.

Steve Donlan

Year 10 Coordinator


Year 11 

During online learning in term 3, all Year 11 homerooms have been participating in weekly zooms as a means of interacting with each other during these times of uncertainty. We are also currently in the nominations stage of the process for 2022 leadership positions, and the voting stage takes place in week 10 of this term. 

Online learning for senior students took some adjusting but we quickly adapted to our new learning environment with the help of our teachers. We couldn’t have done it without their commitment to our work and wellbeing, thank you  to all teachers for all the support and motivation helping us get through these difficult times.Through all the zoom calls, bad connection to wifi and internet lags, we all carried on throughout the term. Although we missed face to face learning coming out of this experience we have gained skills in becoming more independent in our learning and time management skills. 

Here are some of our insights:

Even though it was stressful at times, zoom classes really helped me get through the stress. When school got overwhelming, going on walks and distancing myself from my desk when i wasn’t studying or in class really helped

With all the stressful deadlines to meet and the zoom lessons to join, it was nice to feel the encouragement from the staff and teachers as they helped us in this time of uncertainty as well as our parents who helped to put our priorities first during our exam block in weeks 9 and 10! 

​​Year 11 has been a really big change in the amount of work and effort my education requires. I was feeling really overwhelmed during school and lockdown has been a nice break from it all. Getting up later and not having to get ready for school has been so good since i’m so lazy. 

Term 3 has been a stressful time for year 11, from remote learning, to leadership processes and assessment blocks. All of our teachers have been so supportive in assisting us through their hard work in ensuring that we are provided with the best learning during this difficult time. Thank you for always checking up on us, it definitely made us feel more at ease in entering our HSC course! 

The online learning experience was definitely one to remember! Even though we were sometimes behind on class work, slept in just before our first class and had no motivation to begin our study, we managed to get through it as a year group. Whilst last year was challenging enough, it is enough to say that being year 11 has taught us a strong lesson that we will carry on into our final year of high school. We all managed to get through it with the connections of our friends and support of our teachers by our side, and most importantly the help of our families! It was an experience that we will never forget and thank all our teachers for all their hard efforts during times of uncertainty. 

On behalf of the yr 11 SRC leadership team, we would like to thank our teachers for their support, encouragement and help during this hard time. Thanks to their dedication and hardwork that they have put into our online learning, we feel confident going into our preliminary exams knowing that we can perform academically to the best of our abilities. 

We also wish Mrs Rogers all the best as she goes on maternity leave. Homeroom MC404 will miss you and your dad jokes!




Year 12

A ‘unique HSC journey’ can certainly be said about the Class of 2021. The girls have worked so hard during these ever changing times and we are beyond proud of how they have approached the lead up to their final assessments. Congratulations to every student on completing their final school based assessments and submitting all major works.  It’s fair to say the Bethany staff certainly enjoyed putting together a beautiful ‘Good Luck’ video for the Year 12 cohort to send messages of hope and encouragement.

I am sure the hard work and efforts will be rewarded and that each student will have many great opportunities to look forward to following the HSC. 

In years to come the girls will certainly look back on this year and will have many stories to share. 

Throughout the term we have had many whole year group zooms, not only to disseminate information and ongoing updates but to also lift the spirits of the students. Zoom sessions have included dress up themes, music trivia competitions (homeroom vs homeroom) and opportunities to create a year group collage with favourite inspirational quotes/sayings. Our Year 12 Google Classroom page also provided students with an opportunity to share home workout activities, baking recipes and virtual games. 

Thank you to our Year 12 Leaders who have introduced the ‘Glady Games’ competition for both staff and the Year 12 cohort, whereby daily points are awarded for guessing the correct colour of Gladys’ jacket. Many staff and Year 12 students are involved in this ongoing competition and look forward to weekly leaderboard updates and triple points days.   

Over the next seven weeks we ask Year 12 to find balance between HSC preparation, self care and rest. The end is almost near. Students are encouraged to work smart and reward themselves with things they enjoy doing to compliment their efforts. Year 12 should make the most of the final few weeks of preparation with their teachers during remote learning time, alongside independent study to tackle their upcoming HSC exams in November.

Class of 2021 we are proud of you, we are behind you and like many messages you’ve received this term, “YOU’VE GOT THIS”.


TERM 3 2021 for a Year 12 student


Learned to appreciate the finer things in life, including family time, outdoor walks and time for self.


Open to change. Although it wasn’t always easy, the girls adapted well to the varying situations throughout the term.


Class of 2021 experienced many challenges and times of uncertainty but showed resilience, commitment and persistence and did not give up.


Keeping it together through kindness, support, humour, friendship, unity and year group competitions.


Daily Press Conference at 11am.

Don’t worry. Everything will be okay.


Online learning including zooms, breakout rooms, kahoots and google classrooms.


Worked tirelessly with their Year 12 teachers to prepare for final assessments and submit major works and projects.


New hobbies were established such as walking, baking, exercising, cooking, bike riding, virtual games and who could forget Netflix.




Sylvia Eldahaby

Year 12 Coordinator