“I believe in myself.”

                                                        – Muhammad Ali


Recount of Year 8 PDHPE Brainstorm Productions Incursion

On Wednesday the 15 July, Year 8 participated in a Pastoral and Wellbeing program accompanied by Bamboo Theatre and Brainstorm Productions.   It gave the opportunity for Year 8 to come together and discuss relevant issues within the grade.

Brainstorm productions acknowledged secondary school children reflecting on anti-bullying particularly. The outcome of the program is to eliminate the incidences of bullying in schools and to help improve students behaviour and wellbeing.

The program encouraged students to be aware of any incidents of bullying or harassment, occurring to yourself or friends, and understand that it is imperative that you report and notify a trusted adult or school staff member and avoid being a bystander and report the incident. The Year 8’s and I walked away with a positive overview of the program and a deeper understanding of our schools morals and rules against this significant issue.

 – Carla Kovacic

Upcoming PDHPE Events

Year 10 Road Safety Forum:     Allphones Arena Homebush – Wednesday 20th August
Year 9 NSW Roadshow Wheelchair Basketball:    Tuesday 2nd / Wednesday 3rd September.



Lauren Brennan

PDHPE Teacher