PDHPE Department News

Year 7 Risky Business Incursion – Cyber Safety

On Wednesday the 31st of July, the whole of Year 7 was greeted by the Cyber Safety Lady, Leonie Smith who lead us through a slideshow exploring how to be safe on the internet. Ms Smith has been working with Cyber Safety since 1995 and set to work on educating Year 7 on the topic. The slideshow the students were shown, focused on privacy settings, scams, digital footprints and more. Year 7 were further informed on cyber-related problems which captured the students’ attention due to the vast amount of students that had experienced something similar. During this event, Ms Smith educated the students and taught them how to protect themselves on the internet. For further information articles can be found at https://thecybersafetylady.com.au/

Bianca Adonoski and Lucinda Popovski –  7PET


Year 10 Road Safety Excursion – RYDA

On Tuesday the 6th of August, year 10 participated in a Road Safety excursion at Sydney Olympic Park. The day was led by the non for profit organisation, Road Safety Education Limited (RSE), who is committed to reducing trauma on our roads by educating young people in senior high school. Hence, the day comprised of various workshops lead by police officers and/or members of RSE, in which we were exposed to some of the confronting truths about road dangers and risk taking. Majority of the workshops provided us with an insight into how the simplest mistakes can be fatal, but also what precautions can be taken to avoid these risks. We were able to develop and practise personalised strategies and life skills which will help us respond positively to challenges on the road, both as drivers and highly influential passengers. The day was a great opportunity for us girls to prepare for a safer future on the road, and hopefully we will be apart of the generation bringing the total road fatality rate down to 0.

Luana Rendina – Year 10



CGSSSA AFL – Tuesday 6th August

Congratulations to the following girls who represented the college at the CGSSSA AFL gala day on Tuesday 6th August.

Junior (Years 8 & 9)

Amelia Urbina Emily Dingle  Jessica Patterson  Lucy Flanagan Violet Gruppelaar
Katherine Sozomenou   Manaia Harris Wilson  Sarah Pilla  Chloe Jackson  Martha Kossenberg
Hannah Coughlan  Mikayla Capizzi      


Senior (Year 11)

Amber Lazos Caitlin Dimitrevski Anika Deshpande Abbey Hoy Karissa Siourounis
Courtlyn Bruce Montana Duggan Eva Kostopoulos Alessia Lazazzara Isabel Finch
Jessica Laskovski Isabella Jade Awad Alyssa Gurung Isabella Mattar  


After the washout on the original date, we sent a smaller group of students to the event which left them with fewer reserves.

The Junior team had just enough players to fill the field and in an unlucky event in the second game, a player was out due to injury.  The team continued to play with one player down, but this did not stop them and they made it to the grand final.  They were unfortunately defeated 24-14 but still showed such determination and strength to make it that far.


The Senior team, consisting of year 11s celebrated a win and enjoyed improving throughout the day.


Lauren Brennan

Sports Coordinator