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Introducing new staff to the PDHPE Faculty


My name is Rochelle Bailey and I am new to the Bethany College PDHPE department this year. My decision to become a teacher first came from my commitment to learning I developed throughout my own high school experience. I am and have always been passionate about advocating ways to adopt a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle. Pursuing a career as a PDHPE teacher seemed a best fit to engage in a profession where teaching and learning are the forefront of my role and I would be able to engage with and share my passion with young people. I studied a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education at the University of Wollongong and I am currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Religious Education at the Australian Catholic University.

My teaching philosophy is based on the premise that all students have the capacity to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally as they progress through high school and it is my role as the teacher to guide and play an active role in this process. I feel privileged to share in this profession with the young women of Bethany College and feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to share my passion for teaching, learning and the importance of physical and health education with the entire Bethany College Community. I have genuinely enjoyed each of the rewards and challenges thus far of the profession and look forward to continuing to develop relations with staff, students and parents.




The main reason I decided to become a teacher is I wanted to advocate physical activity and healthy active lifestyles. I wanted the opportunity to help young people find ways that they enjoy to lead an active life.  I am a past Bethany student and therefore lived by the motto “ Girls can do anything, Bethany girls can do everything”. The support from Bethany was one of my main influencing factors in becoming a PDHPE teacher. The support offered and sporting experiences I undertook such as participating in sport each week and going on overseas trips such as New Zealand created unforgettable experiences. This was a pivotal moment during adolescence as I enjoyed sport, the teachers were my role models and now mentors and work colleagues.

My teaching philosophy is to ensure each individual student is provided with every opportunity to be successful in her learning fostering the physical, social, emotional and intellectual components. The reason I have developed this philosophy is through my Doctors of Physiotherapy course I studied at Macquarie University. 


Representative Sport Update

Congratulations to Caitlin Hollis, Kiera Warn, Bridget Cole and Mallory Hull who competed at the NSWCCC Swimming Championships on Friday​ 29th April at Homebush.

A further congratulations to Kiera Warn who has been selected to compete in the All Schools Championships on Friday 6th May.


Results Update


SCC netball completed their first round of Junior and Intermediate games this week both teams were successful:

  • Juniors 29-1
  • Inters 40-11
  • Senior games commence next week, however Bethany has a BYE


Upcoming events

CGSSSA Soccer     27 April 2016     Meadowbank
CGSSSA Basketball  18 May  
CGSSSA Gymnastics 1 June  
SCC Cross Country 6 May 2016 Queens Park
Year 7 PDHPE Athletics Day 17 June Waratah Park, Sutherland
Athletics Carnival   27  June  The Ridge


Training continues every Monday afternoon with coach Liz Andrews, for the CGSSSA Gymnastics team, in Yallunga Hall from 3.30 – 5.00pm.





2016 CGSSSA Gymnastics Team

Division 1










Katrine Barnes

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