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Year 9 PDHPE Incursion – Wheelchair Basketball

On Monday the 21st & 22nd November, Year 9 students participated in the wheelchair basketball PDHPE incursion. Two experienced para-athletes, Brendan & Stephan came to deepen the student’s knowledge of the challenges that people with a disability face each day. They were educated on the obstacles that people with disabilities in the community often face, and how they overcome these tasks. They found out the cost of living for people with disabilities, such as altered amenities and costs of specifically designed wheelchairs to fit their needs. They then had a demonstration on how to use a wheelchair, and were informed of the minimal change in rules for basketball. The students then had a chance to play basketball in a wheelchair! The girls all became experts on how to maneuver the wheelchair and worked out how to play the game as an individual as well as in a team. The students were able to recognise some of the difficulties that people with disabilities face when being confronted with being in a wheelchair themselves. The girls always find this to be a fun and rewarding incursion.



Michelle Barrass

PDHPE Coordinator