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Representative Sport Update

SCC Netball

Our Junior netballers are currently placed 4th, Intermediates 3rd and Seniors 6th in the Thursday SCC Netball competition.

SCC Soccer

Senior Soccer team are currently sitting in first place in the Thursday SCC Soccer competition

SCC Touch Team

Congratulations to the following students who will be travelling to Dubbo on Monday 6th June to Compete in the NSWCCC Touch football championships on Tuesday 7th June.

  • Leah Fisher
  • Hannah Jackson
  • Kirsten Grskovic
  • Tijana Miles
  • Amelia Carnovale

SCC Cross Country Team

Congratulations to the following students who will compete at the NSWCCC Cross Country Championships in Dubbo on 17th June:

  • Alexandra Keedle-Ortiz
  • Caitlin McGowen
  • Brooke Salisbury
  • Jessica Convery
  • Jasmin Juncal
  • Holly Stansfield

NSW All Schools Netball Championships

Congratulations to Claudia Cirjak in Year 10 who has been selected to compete in the School Sport Australia Netball Championships in Adelaide from Sat, 30 July – Fri, 05 August.


CAFS Dandelion Excursion 11th May

Student reflections – By Adele Moore 11CF2

My Year 11 Community and Family Studies class was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit and volunteer at the Dandelion Support Network in Caringbah last Wednesday, the 11th of May.pdhpe2.png

The Dandelion Support Network is run by volunteers who process the generous donations from the community and present these items to families who are in need.

We spent the day working with the volunteers at the support agency, as well as another partnered organisation, ‘The Beauty Bank’. In small groups, we were able to assist both organisations in making clothing, linen, toy and beauty packs for families and individuals who have experienced hardships and are in desperate need of the many things that we take for granted.


This excursion allowed my class to observe first-hand the hard work and dedication of the volunteers who run both support networks. In assisting the volunteers with their work, our class was able to appreciate just how lucky we are and witness how valuable this organisation is to the community. It was extremely rewarding to contribute to the local community in this way, knowing that we were helping others that are in need. 

Overall, the day was an amazing and rewarding experience and it would be a really worthwhile experience for other secondary students.


CAFS Dandelion Excursion 25th May


“Working together to make a difference” Dandelion pamphlet

“An eye opening experience, helps us realise how many vulnerable people in our society are in need and that we all should be grateful for everything we have.” – Tamara Dos Reis

On the 25th of May, Bethany College’s Community and Family Studies class went on an excursion to the Dandelion Support Network. The Dandelion Support Network is a charity helping families in need with preloved baby goods. It is run by volunteers who accept, sort, and safety check nursery items, clothes, toys and linen for babies and kids. Once prepared, the donations are then passed on to families in need.

This excursion was very hands on and I enjoyed it because we got to give back to the community and help people in need. Making the packs for the children and seeing the quality that is put into them makes you want to get more involved as you understand how little these children have, but you know what you’re doing can make a difference. Before this excursion I was a little unsure how good it would be but after going it wasn’t what I expected. – Sophia Tzatzimakis 11CF1 

“Everyone deserves a chance at life, to feel happy, healthy, loved, safe, out of danger and out of harm”.

As a part of the Community and Family Studies course, we had a once in a lifetime eye opening opportunity to volunteer at the Dandelion Support Network. All students left the support centre feeling a sense of accomplishment and achievement. We were very surprised at the amount of goods and products the support centre had. We were all so amazed at the amount of hard work and effort all the volunteers put into each and every pack that they produce. They ensured that only the best goes into the creation of those packs, so that whichever family receives them can feel special and worth something.  – Mel Awad 11CF1




Upcoming events

CGSSSA Gymnastics        1st June       Five Dock Leisure Centre
NSWCCC Touch Football Championships       6th-7th June   Dubbo
NSWCCC Cross Country Championships      17th June   Eastern Creek
Yr 7 PDHPE Athletics Day     17th June   Waratah Park, Sutherland
Netball NSW Cup      22nd June   Sutherland
Athletics Carnival      27th June   The Ridge


Lauren Brennan 

Sports Coordinator