Any student wanting to participate in this terms FITNESS PROGRAM, please grab a permission form from student services. This term the program will run for 8 weeks, Week 2 – 9 on Wednesday mornings from 7:15-8am.   Breakfast will be served afterwards.   

All information is on the permission form. If you have any other questions, please see Miss Cox. Form and payment will need to be in before the commencement of program. It’s not too late to join!




On 2 May 2017. The Bethany junior soccer team participated in the CGSSSA gala day. The team consisted of Grace Cowan, Kayla Dass, Talia Harafias, Natalie Milenkovski (YEAR 7), Denise Dimitrakas, Alyssa Lazevski, Emily Milenkovski, Zoe Nondas, Angelique Rodas, Alana Rostankov, Alyssa Zappia (YEAR 8), Georgia Athanasopoulos, Selina Colagiuri, Victoria Coolentianos and Claudia Vucic (YEAR 9).

The team worked extremely hard and fought to the very end. Their persistence was noticed as they missed out on the semi-final by 1 point. The girls enjoyed themselves and tried their very best. Mr Laguzza said the girls “did the college proud through their effort and behaviour.” Special thanks to Mr Laguzza and Mrs Donnelly for preparing and supporting the team.

– Selina Colagiuri (Year 9)











Junior CGSSSA Soccer Team










Senior CGSSSA Soccer Team




SCC Cross Country

On 5 May, 18 of our students went to Queen’s Park and participated in the SCC Cross Country tryouts. All the girls ran really well, never gave up and tried their hardest despite the really hot weather. We got some great results throughout all age groups and Bethany also placed 3rd overall in the junior category.

All of these girls are now going  to Represent SCC at the NSWCCC cross country championships in June and we wish them the best of luck.

  • Lucy Flanagan
  • Grace Elliot
  • Kayla Dass
  • Brooke Salisbury
  • Holly Stansfield
  • Dominique Kulchar

 – Lucy Flanagan (Year 7)







CGSSSA Basketball        17 May

CGSSSA Gymnastics      31 May

School Athletics Carnival        27 June



Katrine Barnes

Year 7 Coordinator / PDHPE Teacher