Year 9 and 10 PASS

On Thursday, 25 October, Year 9 and 10 PASS classes attended the primary school community day in Carss Park with St Raphael’s and Mater Dei primary schools. We organised small groups running games and sports for students from Kindergarten through to Year 6. We engaged in learning new games ourselves and getting to know the primary students and spend the afternoon playing sports we all enjoy. The primary school students participated in a rotation of games where each year group played a number of modified sports, that were new to a number of students. It was a great experience for us to put into action a range of skills we have learnt in PASS such as coaching and the teaching of fundamental movement skills. It was a great day to get to know the community.

Year 10 PASS students




On Thursday, we  participated in CGSSSA Tennis Gala Day at Parramatta. It was a really hot day and we all tried out hardest. It was a really fun experience, we made new friends. Unfortunately we did not make it to the finals, but we came really close. Ele and Olivia played the junior doubles, Mia played the junior singles and Georgia played the inter singles. We gave it our all and we’re really proud of everyone.

A big thank you to Mrs Janev for coming to supervise us.

By Mia & Ele



Kirsty Soles

PDHPE Teacher