Year 9 PDHPE Incursion – Wheelchair Basketball

On Monday the 2nd of September, our class participated in wheelchair basketball. An experienced para-athlete, came to deepen our knowledge of the challenges that people with a disability confront. Firstly, we were taught about the obstacles that people with disabilities in the community often face, and how they overcome these tasks. We were educated about the cost of living for people with disabilities, such as altered amenities and costs of specifically designed wheelchairs to fit their needs. Following this we were shown a demonstration on how to use a wheelchair, and the minimal change in rules for basketball. Furthermore, it was our turn to have a go playing basketball in a wheelchair! At first it was challenging to overcome the different ways to move around and pass the ball in order to cooperatively work as a team. We found it difficult to shoot from a low height and it was also hard to stop to bounce the basketball. Otherwise, it was a worthwhile, and fun experience! 

Maddison Underhill and Catherine Nguyen, Year 9

Year 11 PDHPE Incursion – First Aid 

On the 6 September 2019, the Year 11 PDHPE classes had the opportunity to get practical first aid training by the Royal Life Saving organisation. Throughout the day we worked with Terry and Lisa who are experienced first aiders that provided us with lots of knowledge and techniques to handle first aid scenarios. They made the day very enjoyable and engaging through interactive learning processes. These include having the opportunity to conduct CPR on adult and baby ‘Annie Dolls’, learning how to apply slings for various injuries on the arm, and conducting and managing our own first aid scenario. We got taught how to handle and maintain a range of injury and medical conditions such as stings and bites, asthma, anaphylaxis, choking, soft tissue injuries, and abrasions, cuts and lacerations. Overall, the day was a valuable learning experience that gave us the knowledge and understanding of the requirements of first aiders. 

We give a big thank you to Miss Eldahaby and Miss Bailey for preparing us for the day and teaching us all the content that we needed to know.

Shona Griffin and Gabriella Krstevski, Year 11



On Tuesday 27th of August, our spectacular dance troupes went off to Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College in North Sydney to compete in the CGSSSA dance competition. This competition comprises of over 15 Sydney Catholic girls schools joining together to perform choreographed routines, displaying a passion for the dance sector. Competing in the Contemporary, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop sections, the Bethany girls performed with professionalism, technique and they highlighted the myriad of talent here at Bethany. Our dancers’ outstanding performances was challenged by the fierce competition from the other schools but were still successful in placing:

  •  3rd in Tap (Choreographed by Georgia Scott YR 11)
  •  4th in Jazz (Choreographed by Alessia Colagiuri YR 11 & Assisted by Talia Genlik YR 9)
  • 4th in Contemporary (Choreographed by Shae Acevski & Grace King YR 11)
  • 4th in Hip Hop (Choreographed by Karli Agathopolous YR 11)
  • 4th overall

We would like to congratulate the girls for their efforts throughout the year, dedicating hours of time to ensure the dances are polished and ready for performance. The student choreographers are to be congratulated for their fantastic dances and their hard work throughout the year.

Well done to everyone!

Shae Acevski, Year 11



SCC Athletics

On Friday 30th August, Bethany College sent a mix of students, selected at our College Athletics Carnival in Term 2, to compete in the SCC Athletics carnival at Homebush. The girls did very well with a number placing first, second and third, despite having to compete in some of the worst conditions. The rain persisted throughout the day bringing wet conditions and cancelling some events. However, a number of junior, intermediate and senior girls from the College succeeded and will be competing in the next round at NSWCCC on Friday 20th September. Well done to all the girls and their efforts throughout the day.

Moya Denford, Year 12




Primary School Touch Football Refereeing

On Tuesday the 3rd of September, the Year 10 PASS class assisted the NRL by refereeing a Stage 3 Primary School Touch League Gala Day. We participated in training sessions prior to the gala day to successfully learn the rules and what we need to do as a referee in order to earn our Level 1 Refereeing Certificate. 

Arriving on the day at Scarborough Park, it was clear that some of us were nervous for the day ahead. We were all paired up and went to our allocated fields to referee around 10 games, between the pair, for the primary students. The day was very fun and everyone improved as each game passed. We had mentors on the sideline to give us tips when needed and help us if we ever had a question. By the end of the day, we were all very tired, but it was a unique experience that allowed us to develop confidence as a referee and overall earn our Level 1 Refereeing Certificate.

Caitlin Hollis and Georgia Najem, Year 10