Last week year 7 were involved in an incursion for PDHPE. The Cyber Safety Lady spoke to the girls to link with our upcoming year 7 unit; Risky Business. It was a worthwhile experience for the girls, the guest speaker provided the girls with current information on cyber safety. Please see the student accounts below:

On Wednesday Year 7 had the opportunity of participating in the Cyber Safety Incursion. We sat together in the hall and discussed the importance of maintaining a safe online environment. Leonie Smith was very interactive with our year and included many engaging videos in her slideshow.  Leonie spoke about situations that could affect us in the future and how to deal with them. She offered us useful tips that ensured we are staying safe online as well as how to recognise scams and viruses that may affect our devices. – Harper Bollard (Year 7)

Last Wednesday Year 7 had the fortunate chance of meeting a Cyber Safety Lady, Leonie Smith, to have a conversation about how to stay safe online. We sat in the hall and Leonie had prepared a powerpoint presentation to explain the dangers of online and how to take proper precautions in a real situation. She provided us with tips, videos and facts on how to stay safe, notice when something is a fraud or when something is legitimate. Overall, the day was fun, interesting and I would recommend the program to other schools. – Alexia Yalizis (year 7)