Personal Development, Health & Physical Education Policy

Dear Parents, 

Please be aware that in your daughter’s first PDHPE lesson for the term, her teacher will be reading through a PDHPE Policy in regards to class work and her sports uniform. Please read the below information in regards to wearing of the sports uniform to school for their practical lessons. 

  1. The SPORTS / PDHPE uniform as outlined in the student planner and school uniform documents is to be worn for all practical classes and sport, unless the teacher specifies other items.
  2. All students will come dressed for their PDHPE class in the appropriate sports uniform and may remain in that uniform for the duration of the day as advised by their PDHPE teacher and on Thursdays.
  3. Students are to choose sports shoes that provide adequate support and grip – these include athletic shoes or cross trainers (canvas shoes are not appropriate)
  4. Where unexplained breach of uniform exists, the following penalties will be incurred:
  • Complete theory work as set by the teacher (students can describe three aspects of what is happening within the lesson) and will be logged on compass as an infringement. This includes all aspects of the uniform including correct hat, socks, shoes, tracksuit, polo and shorts.  
  • If the behaviour continues, students will have a conversation with the PDHPE coordinator, a note will be sent home and an appropriate penalty will occur. 
  •  If a student has a problem with bringing the PDHPE uniform for a lesson, a parental note explaining the issue and an alternative change of clothes that they can change into before the lesson should be supplied.  This will not incur a uniform infringement.   
  • The aim of all PDHPE practical lessons is to promote student activity; thus only injured and/or sick students with signed parental notes will be permitted to sit out the lesson. If a prolonged injury occurs, students will be required to provide a doctor’s certificate due to the compulsory practical hours. 

Please be aware that throughout the year we will be presenting some sensitive content to the students mandated by NESA. Listed below are the topics that are covered in each year group. Our teaching programs in these sensitive areas are based on Catholic Church teachings and are contained in the “Towards Wholeness” Archdiocesan response to these matters. The program also provides appropriate content for the maturity of the students in each year.  It is our belief that by providing relevant information, developing interpersonal skills and encouraging students to clarify their values, they will be in a position to make informed health decisions for safe living.

Year 7 – Adolescence and Change, including puberty and female reproduction (Term 1)

Risky business, including personal safety and risk taking (Term 3)

Year 8 – Supporting Myself and Others, including bullying (Term 3)

Health Matters, including drug use and sexual health (Term 4)

Year 9 – Girl Talk, including the sexualisation of females in the media (Term 2)

Overcoming adversity, including racial discrimination (Term 3)

Year 10 – Sexual health, including relationships and contraception (Term 1)

Mental health, including the types and support services (Term 2)

Road Safety / Drug Use, including types of drugs (Term 3)


If you would like to have a conversation in regards to these topics, please contact the PDHPE coordinator, Michelle Barrass at school on 85660711 during school hours or email michelle.barrass@syd.catholic.edu.au 



Michelle Barrass

PDHPE Coordinator