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CGSSSA Tennis – Monday 23rd November

Congratulations to Sofia Zulamovski and Milana Milakovic of Year 7 who won the CGSSSA Junior Doubles Championship.

There were frequent glimmers of a very bright future in tennis displayed by Sofia and Milana last Monday. It seemed our girls’ enthusiasm and determination made up for a year of cancelled events in representative sport across the diocese, culminating in them seizing the Junior Doubles Championship for 2020.

After a previous washout and postponement of the event, the day was rescheduled. Again rain threatened to be the dominant contender, but a few spontaneous downfalls suspending play were not sufficient to dampen the classy on-court synchronicity of Milana and Sofia. They drew on a rich repertoire of shots to reach the semis undefeated, conceding no more than a single game in their match against Santa in the initial rounds, and displaying precision serves, classy forehand slices, well-placed backhand shots, depth of stroke and a court coverage that staged their natural athleticism. It was impressive to see them securing early breaks and punctuating match points with timely aces.

The inevitable fatigue of a round robin tournament took control in the post-lunch finals contention, unleashing frustrating sequences of unforced errors and a momentary loss of their characteristic mojo in the semi. But in the spirit of true champions, the girls fought back from 2-0 down to emerge triumphant in the penultimate against North Sydney, securing the privilege of challenging Kirribilli in the Final.

It was neck and neck all the way following Kirribilli securing the early break. But the girls were not going home runners-up. The match saw some suspenseful rallies and nail-biting moments on pivotal points. Bethany capitalised on the mounting fatigue of the opposition and recaptured the precision required in their service games to remain competitive against girls who were 12 months older, ensuring a victorious conclusion to an eventful day’s competition.

Sofia and Milana displayed a maturity beyond their years on Monday. It was a memorable day made possible by the astute organisation of Mrs Lauren Feeney, and the support of both girls’ parents over many years. The 2020 Tennis Gala will be recorded in the annals of Bethany as an event for which the College can be justly proud. Particular thanks is extended to these two young players whose unselfish representation engendered a regard and respect for Bethany College among competing schools. Well done, girls!

Mrs Jennifer Simonetta

CGSSSA Volleyball – Monday 16th November

On the 16th of November, our school took part in the Volleyball Gala Day 2020 at Homebush Netball Centre.  The girls were up against various schools with the Intermediate team coming third overall, losing 2 games and winning 4 games. The Senior team and Intermediate team together played enthusiastically and passionately throughout the whole day. Through this experience, the girls employed what they learned to develop tactics and strategies against other schools, in addition to being against other schools students were able to learn and observe new ways to play and practice volleyball.

Jane and Janette Le – Year 9



Lauren Feeney

Sports Coordinator