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PASS Learn to Surf

On the 7th of December, Bethany students from Years 9 and 10 attended the Learn to Surf and Stand Up Paddleboarding excursion at Gunnamatta Bay Park and North Cronulla Beach. We had a wave of fun, learning how to master the basic skills of surfing. Although it was a first for many, most students are now able to say that their initial impressions of feeling nervous about swimming in the ocean were overcome after the first lesson. The friendly instructors were willing to make the best of our surfing experience and offered a helping hand when we needed it. This made us feel comfortable and safe when in the water. First off, one group was taught how to correctly hold a surfboard, how to position themselves on the board to paddle, and what to do when a wave approaches. This included learning how to “pop up” on the surfboard in order to achieve a stable surfing position. The other group had a go at stand up paddleboarding and the ways to hold and use a paddle in different circumstances. All girls made it from North Cronulla to South Cronulla via paddling on a surfboard! Once we got to South Cronulla we played some water games and attempted to surf some waves. Taking from this incredible journey, we now know the basics of surfing and paddleboarding whilst having fun with friends. Many came away from this experience saying it will be something they will cherish and never forget.

Eva Gouramanis, Leah Gouramanis, and Billie Jolly (9 PASS)



The Bethany College Volleyball Movement

The second half of 2020 has seen a rise in interest and participation in volleyball at Bethany College. Between the outstanding number of students at the CGSSSA Volleyball trials and the before school and lunchtime rallies on the playground, there is certainly a craze occurring. 

We spoke to a few of the students involved in these groups and asked them to write about what they love about the game and how they came to be involved in the sport.

“Volleyball has had a really large impact on my physical health and life. I was inspired to play volleyball from the Annie Shaw “Haikyuu!”, which made me relate to the main character and decide to try out for volleyball. Volleyball has also helped me find new friends and build a strong bond to play in teams outside of school. School has given me the opportunity to develop more skills and improve in volleyball as I used to not play any sports at all. In relation to physical health, it has helped me improve my reflexes and strength.” – Josetta Lim, Year 8

“It has been a tough year for everyone but one of the positive things this year was volleyball. It only started with a couple of juniors but soon enough over sixty people were participating in this fun and competitive game, making it exhilarating for many of us who play. Contributing to this sport has not only helped me physically get stronger, but also let me make new friendships. These friendships are important as they have led to bigger things such as training outside of school to keep improving Bethany’s volleyball team and encouraging others to play too.” – Phoebe Luo, Year 7