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CGSSSA Basketball

Junior CGSSSA Basketball











Inter CGSSSA Basketball

On Wednesday the 22nd of May, we competed in the CGSSSA basketball championships, competing in a junior team (years 7-8), intermediate team (Years 9-10) and a senior team (Years 11-12). The event was held at Bankstown international basketball stadium. The junior team made it through to the semi finals although was unable to make it into the Grand Final. Overall it was a great day out and we all showed great sportsmanship throughout the day. Thank you to Mrs Walsh, Mrs Bullock and Mr Raftery for coaching us.

Chloe Jackson, Year 9

Senior CGSSSA Basketball

On the 22nd of May, girls from Year 11 and 12 were selected to represent Bethany at the CGSSSA Senior Basketball Championships and performed extremely well on the day. As a team we played with admirable effort and determination which evidently was worth it. We qualified for the semi finals however unfortunately fell short against Bethlehem College and were consequently eliminated. Overall, it was a great experience and we would like to thank Mr Raftery for accompanying us for the day.

Courtlyn Bruce, Year 11






Junior CGSSSA Soccer Team Photo



Lauren Brennan

Sports Coordinator