PDHPE Update

Year 8 Incursion – Brainstorm Productions

Year 8 students, for our PDHPE unit – ‘Supporting Myself and Others’, watched a live performance called the ‘The Hurting Game’, a performance that takes a look at the hurtful games adolescents play at school and online, to give themselves a false sense of power and belonging. The performance makes it clear to students that certain behaviour (such as excluding people, spreading rumours and sending unwanted messages) is in fact bullying and will not be tolerated at school.


Student recount:

On Friday the 26th July, year 8 participated in an incursion about both cyber bullying and situations people face throughout school, ranging from Kindy, Year 6, Year 7, Year 10 and Year 12. It provided an entertaining and amusing insight into how to handle different problems that come along and also what is yet to come. It also focused on aspects of life that many teenagers face such as peer pressure, drinking, smoking, grades, bullying, social media and finally how to perceive your body in a positive and happy manner. It was extremely funny and allowed every student to relate or have a laugh in some way or another, Rachel and Jasper were amazing! Mali Boyd (Year 8 PE.T)


SCC Term 2 Results

SCC Netball

The SCC Netball teams had a fantastic season in term 2.  Special congratulations to the  Senior Netball team who progressed to the Semi finals however lost to Rosebank.

The Junior and Inter Netball teams progressed to the grand final round which was unfortunately washed out.  However due to their overall first place in the season they were still awarded the grand final winners.

SCC Junior Netball

SCC Intermediate Netball

SCC Senior Netball


SCC Senior Soccer

The Senior SCC Soccer team won in extra time 2-1 with a goal from Luana Rendina to defeat Marist Penshurst




CGSSSA Netball

Congratulations to the girls who represented the College on Wednesday 24th July at the CGSSSA Netball Competition.  All three teams played extremely well throughout the day.  The Junior and Senior teams progressed to the quarter finals however were defeated by Brigidine Randwick and Marist Sisters Woolwich, respectively.

CGSSSA Junior Netball

CGSSSA Intermediate Netball Team

CGSSSA Senior Netball Team


Junior Netball state Titles

Congratulations to the girls from Bethany who competed at the Junior Stage Age titles on the first weekend of the holidays.

Among many others we had two year 7 students who were a part of the St George Illawarra Team competing on the day: Sienna Ajjaka and Marie Apostolovski.


Michelle Barrass

Acting PDHPE Coordinator