Pedagogy Report

During the July school holidays 340 students from Year 7 to 10 across Sydney metropolitan area attended the Learning Labs program at the University of Wollongong. Learning Labs is an academic enrichment program held at the university where students participate in learning workshops that cater to their particular interests.

The 3 students who represented Bethany College were:




“Let’s Get Physical”



“Legal Ethics: Does it exist? Do we need it?



“Musical Mathematics”


All students received a certificate of participation from the University. I’d like to especially thank Sarah and Alessia who shared their experiences at our wholes school assembly on Thursday 24th August. Their script features below.

Hey everyone. My name is Alessia and I am currently in year 9 and i’m Sarah Chapman and am in year 7. We were two of the very lucky students, who over the two week break, were chosen to participate in the Learning Labs Experience 2017. This workshop took place at the University of Wollongong. Basically, this program is designed for students attending either primary or secondary school to build on their knowledge and skills to help them prepare for higher education. We both got to choose a workshop from a wide variety of different types. These included ones that were based on different sciences as well as mathematics, drama and photography just to name a few. I chose the “Let’s get physical” Workshop which focused on the human body, how it reacts to different stimuli, how it produces movement and its structure. Over the two days, my group and I completed multiple experiments in the university lab such as measuring heart rate by using high tech equipment that i’d never seen before. We also got to enter an anatomy lab. For those of you who are squeamish and can’t look at anything dead, this probably isn’t for you. Inside the anatomy lab I got to inspect and handle different dead and preserved body parts also known as cadavers. If you don’t know what it looks like I don’t suggest googling it. All I’ll say is that it was amazing to be able to enter this lab as not even many university students get to use it. It was a real privilege.

I decided to choose the workshop “ Musical Mathematics”. This workshop focused on how mathematics is incorporated into music. Over the two days we conducted numerous activities with different types of music. We learnt the connection of musical scales and rhythms with the help of fractions through many hands on activities. We then used the knowledge to build our own pan flute which actually worked. This workshop is great for everyone as you don’t need any musical experience to do it! Throughout the workshop we learnt that fractions can be used to make music through water xylophone. In this activity we observed that the frequency in the glasses decreased in size the lower the pitch and increased in size the higher the pitch.Overall, this was a great workshop which I recommend you try.The overall experience for me was really enlightening as I learnt content that was two years above my year level. I really enjoyed the workshop I picked as I found this type of science really interesting and I got to meet many new people with different ideas and backgrounds. I l also enjoyed the subway, boost and the other pop up restaurants that we were able to access on the campus. I had two boosts over the two days and think that rounded up the experience nicely. So if you don’t go for the amazing workshops, go for food!

The overall experience for me was very educational although fun at the same time, whilst learning content also two years above my year level. I got to meet many new people , try new activities and get a taste of what university is like. I found the workshop very enjoyable as I like both maths and music and got to see how maths can be incorporated into music. Overall, I would highly recommend giving this program a try and will definitely be coming back next year. This experience was really helpful to us as it broadened our science and mathematical knowledge. I mean, after participating in that workshop, I knew loads more about the human body and how it worked. I really recommend this program and I will definitely be participating in it again next year.We’d also like to mention that Maxine Hakeem also participated, completing her work on Legal Ethics. We hope to see more people getting involved with this program as it really does benefit you in the long run and gives you a taste of what life after you’ve graduated high school can be like. Thank you for listening.


The next Learning Labs program will be released beginning of Term 4 for the January 2018 school holidays. If you believe your daughter would be interested in this opportunity, please send me an email at

Finally, a number of students in the Newman stream Years 7-10 have been invited to participate in the Newman Showcase afternoon being held on Monday, 18 September, 4pm-5:30pm. I am hopeful that those invited will be able to attend with their families.


Katherine Maish

Leader of Pedagogy