Pedagogy Report

The focus of this last fortnight has been in addressing BOSTES developments with establishing a minimum literacy standard across NSW from 2020. Students in Year 9 from 2017 will be able to meet this standard by achieving Band 8 in NAPLAN in aspects of reading and writing and numeracy. From 2018, an online literacy test will be available for students to demonstrate they have met this standard, if not already achieved in Yr 9. This focus has involved consultation with leaders of literacy and pedagogy across the Eastern Region, together with experienced practitioners in the Parramatta Diocese. A range of literacy strategies will be presented to a cross-section of Bethany staff for further discussion and subsequent mapping across the college. These approaches will continue the wonderful work and whole school literacy foundation already laid by Jacinta Russo and Kevin Carragher with their Bethany Writing Project; a formative approach to assisting students in refining writing through explicit instruction and modelling, guided paragraph writing and detailed feedback. Our positive and much improved NAPLAN results over the last three years are testament to this work and I thank the Bethany staff for their continued commitment to improving the literacy outcomes of our students.

On Friday 19th August, a group of Yr 11 students were selected to attend the University of Wollongong’s Energise: Believe, Lead, Succeed programme. The day, targeted towards academically high achievers and those with leadership capacity, focused on inspiring students to set long term educational and career goals, develop study skills and build resilience for future success. Thank you to Miss Clare Maroney (Acting Yr 11 Coordinator) who accompanied the following girls; Nova Gomes, Elizabeth Di Mattia, Sophie Manning, Melissa Ruz, Jasmin Juncal, Tara Lillicot, Lyric Fidow, Emma Bennett and Paige Perry.

“On Friday August 19, myself and 8 other girls got the opportunity to attend the Energise Leadership day.

This was a day packed full of motivating talks and engaging activities that allowed us all to gain a greater understanding of skills essential in the upcoming transition into year 12. With special guests like Ben Creagh and Dan Hunt speaking, we learnt a lot about overcoming hardships and embracing life as it comes. We also got the chance to interact with students from other schools by sitting in groups and listening to the individual problems that associate with growing up and dealing with the endless array of life decisions to come. Oh, and not to mention the delicious lunch catered by Subway that came along with the experience. Overall this day definitely had a substantial impact on my attitude towards life as well as providing me with numerous strategies that I know will assist me through the stress of the HSC. I hope that this program will continue to run in the future, as I genuinely believe it will be helpful for students to come.”

 – Elizabeth Di Mattia, Year 11


“I think Energise was a great experience for all of us. We listened personal stories of retired Dragons captain Ben Creagh and his experiences not only in his leadership roles but in difficult scenarios in his life, such as when he was injured and when he decided to go to University. We had some group activities in which we explored what self-being was and how to have a high sense of self being. We also had a session of HSC tips and our futures, particularly what pathways we were interested in. Overall it was a great day and I learnt many tips about leadership, responsibility, and self being.”

 – Nova Gomes, Year 11




Katherine Maish

Leader of Pedagogy