Planning for the 2020 Academic Year

The 2020 academic year is quickly approaching and planning is well underway to ensure that it kicks off smoothly. Book lists have been finalised and will soon be sent home via your daughter. These texts will be ordered through Campion and full details will be on the booklist when it comes home.
Class lists for core classes are currently being formed using a range of data that includes internal subject results, NAPLAN data and Allwell data where appropriate. Maths classes in Years 8, 9 and 10 and English classes in Years 9 and 10 are streamed and you will be informed shortly about which class or course your daughter will be undertaking.
Reports for Semester 2 are being written at the moment and will be posted on two different portals for this year only. Year 7 and 8 reports are being completed in Compass and will be accessed through the Compass portal. Year 9 and 10 reports will be completed in the Sentral software and hence available on the Sentral portal. Next year all reports, in all years, will be accessed via the Compass portal as the transition to this software is completed. The final opportunity to speak with your daughter’s teachers for this year will be on Tuesday, 17 December when Parent Teacher Student interviews operate between 9 and 3 at the College, this is also the day that the 2019 HSC results are released. You will receive booking details shortly regarding these bookings.
Gregg Conroy
Leader of Learning