Pop Art in Isolation 

Well done to Year 7 Visual Arts students who continued making art while remote learning with great success! Students had been learning about artists who are inspired by popular culture prior to moving online, investigating the practice of contemporary Torres Strait Islander artist Brian Robinson, who makes lino prints based on his interest in 80’s pop culture and his Torres Strait Islander cultural identity.

As students had limited access to art materials during remote learning – we had to change things up quite a bit! Students started investigating Pop Art and making Pop Art inspired artworks, using materials and subject matter from around the house. Students were tasked with making a soft paper sculpture of a household item and photographing it in situ, inspired by Claes Oldenburg’s giant soft sculptures. Students then create a still life pop product drawing based on pantry items, using bright bold colours, inspired by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. As you can see from some of the photos, these artworks were outstanding and the students did a fantastic job – well done Year 7 Visual Arts! 

Gemma Baldwin

Visual Arts teacher

Top – Tia Wilson, Fleur Yuen, Mia Lutovski                Bottom – Clancy Lewis, Ava Hook, Samantha Kubina, Isabel Olup