Principal’s Reading Challenge

Next week the College Library will launch the inaugural “Principal’s Reading Challenge. The aim of the Challenge is to encourage a love of reading through a structured and incentive based approach. It also aims to expand and stretch readers beyond their comfort zones.

Students who chose to participate in the Challenge will receive a booklet outlining the Guidelines and Selection Criteria. They will be required to read ten books from a variety of genres. Each time a student reads two books they will be rewarded with a variety of incentives. On completion of ten books Mrs. Lavorato will award the successful students with a “Principal’s Reading Challenge” certificate and a final incentive reward.

The Challenge is a fun way of promoting a love of reading which is so vital for success. The lifelong benefits of reading are not limited to ten but these are most compelling.


Stimulates the mind        Acquires knowledge       Expands Vocabulary

         Sharpens writing skills      Hones critical and analytical thinking

Improves memory        Boosts concentration     Fuels imagination     

      Reduces stress and develops empathy

  A wonderful  source of entertainment (free, if you belong to a  library)  


The Challenge begins in Week 9 Term 2 and concludes in Week 4 Term 4.  Students are encouraged to borrow for their holiday reading and use the time to begin the challenge.

Booklets will be available from the Library on Monday, 19 June.



Lynda Fleming

Teacher / Librarian