Project Compassion

As we move into the Lenten period, Bethany College will be fundraising for the Caritas Project Compassion appeal. The theme for Project Compassion 2017 is “Love your neighbour”. There will be collection boxes in homeroom each morning should girls wish to donate to this worthy cause. Each year’s contributions will be added up and displayed on the rolling screens throughout the Lenten period so it’s a good chance for each year group to band together and assist in raising money for their countries which will help them in a number of ways. For instance, just $35 can provide a counselling session to help parents in Vietnam who need to support children living with a disability.

Each year group has been allocated a country to raise money for.  They are as follows:

7- Phillipines

8-Timor Leste

9- Australia

10- Vietnam

11- Fiji

12- Phillipines 

You shall love your neighbour as yourself –  Matt 22:39


Niamh McIntyre – Year 12 Social Justice Prefect