Project Compassion

As it is Lent, we at Bethany College are participating in Project Compassion. Project Compassion is organised by Caritas Australia and it is where first-world countries donate money to second and third-world countries to help fund clean water, education, fresh food etc. Every morning the Project Compassion box goes around each homeroom and students put in their spare change or use the money that they might have used to buy something at the canteen.

These donations are used to help the world’s poor in order to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity. This year, year 7 raised money for Nepal. Nepal is one of the poorest and least developed countries in South Asia.  Its remote location, domestic instability and susceptibility to natural disasters have hindered the country’s economic development. With the help of Caritas Australia, they have improved the lives of the people and allowed them to live with dignity.

One of the positive stories that has come from Nepal is that of Janaki who lived in hardship her whole life. Her family didn’t have the money to afford food, clean water and medication when family members got sick. Janaki didn’t receive an education, but with the help from Caritas, she learnt to sew and has made this her career. She makes traditional clothing and sells it to get an income and with that money she expanded her business. She has also taught others to sew in her workshop and has 11 sewing machines. Janaki has done so well that she earns enough money to support her family, giving her siblings an education.

As well as donating in homeroom, Year 7 also had the opportunity to participate in a coin line on Thursday, March 15 during our Year Assembly. This was a fun way to see who could make the longest line and a great way for us to raise money. One of the coin lines was so long that it reached across the whole Penola court. PE206 were the winners of the coin line, with theirs measuring 16.21 metres. In total, the following amounts were raised on March 15:

PE109: $47

PE110: $127

PE202: $49.80

PE203: $22.25

PE204: $21.10

PE205: $54.40

PE206: $113.60

Throughout Lent, Year 7 alone has raised $939. They will continue to donate money to Nepal to help make a difference in someone’s life. Raising nearly $1000 is an amazing accomplishment. That money we have raised can buy 8 hybrid goats.  This will be used by the children to earn an income.  It will really help to improve their lives. Well done Year 7!


Lilliana Favaloro, Piper Finnegan, Jennifer Petrov and Margaret Sarmiento

Year 7